How to Maintain White Granite Countertops in Your Kitchen?

Tips to Maintain White Granite Countertops Specific maintenance practices will be applied to white granite countertops to keep them looking and functioning as best they could for long years to come. The durability and resistance of granite have solidified its reign as one of the most common kitchen countertops to be featured, but having granite in white provides an enchanting décor aesthetic of light and glamour.
If you do not clean up spills on white granite, for as durable as it may be, it can still become stained fairly easily if the liquids are left to sit on the surface. While the above remedies work well in dealing with stubborn stains, if left unattended, acidic substances such as lemon juice, vinegar, or tomato sauce can etch on the surface. Spills should be wiped up quickly with a soft cloth or sponge and a mild soap water solution.
Granite is less porous than other natural stones such as marble but it is not completely impervious, so it will need to be sealed on a regular basis to prevent staining and to keep it sparkling great. White granite needs to be sealed at least once a year though it is appropriate sealing process for kitchens with a high volume of usage. This is will seal the granite (specifically), create an impenetrable barrier against both oil and water-based stains.

Clean without Harsh Chemicals Harsh cleansers can ruin the sealant and rough up the natural pores in the granite. Do Not Use Cleaners with Bleach, Ammonia, or Acidic Components Use pH-neutral cleaners formulated for stone care. These cleaners will clean without causing harm to the surface of the granite and its natural brilliance will be protected.
Daily Cleaning Routine: Wipe surface with a soft microfiber cloth to dust away daily buildup. For a more thorough cleaning, warm soapy water or a stone cleaner is a good move followed by drying with a clean cloth to help prevent water spots. This method keeps your granite countertops from losing their shine and help you avoid unwanted grime and residues.
Step 5: Despite the fact that it resists scratches, it is a good idea to use cutting boards on granite and trivets for hot items. Use trivets under pots, pans, and hot dishes to prevent thermal shock that can result in cracks.
For white granite countertops, which readily shows any blemishes, regular inspections for any cracks or chips should always be part of the long-term care strategy. If you see damage, it is critical to act upon it right away before it worsens. Professional services can patch small holes, maintaining the structural and aesthetic properties of your counter.
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By following these care instructions, your white granite worktops will continue to be an attractive and useful focal point in your kitchen for a long time.

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