Who Are the Top LED Strip Light Manufacturers?

Within the fast-changing LED industry, a few are seen as the best LED light makers. These companies has made their mark to ensure, that they have quality and unbeatable customer satisfaction, through the touch of unique innovation. In this article, we investigate who these top manufacturers are and why users in need of led strip lighting go to them.

King Lighting of Zhongshan Co., Ltd.

For instance, Zhongshan De King Lighting Co., Ltd. is popular for its way of LED manufacturing. This is an expert company in manufacturing all kinds of LED strip lights to meet the different needs of commercial and residential markets. De King LED strips are, in general, highly efficient, achieving light outputs of 150 lm/W and/or long-lasting, with rated lifetimes of up to 50,000 hours. Their dedication to recycle bleeding edge technology with their RGB and smart LED options keep them amongst the favourites with their offering of high end lighting.

Osram GmbH

Germany's Osram GmbH is a market leader in lighting, producing high-quality LED solutions. Osram's LED-FH have high color accuracy and are efficiency praised. Aside from developing the latest cutting-edge product design technology, the company also leads the industry in providing eco-friendly standards on all products, including RoHS and Energy Star certifications, and the like.

Philips Lighting

Signify (the new name for Philips Lighting) has been a major player in the global lighting market for quite a while. Their LED strips are very popular for its functionalities and its compatibility with Philips Hue smart lighting system. This customizability and control provided by these systems make Philips one of (if not the) most user friendly options out there.

Cree, Inc.

A USA manufacturer Cree, Inc. is an expert in the field of durable, high-intensity and energy-efficient LEDs. Cree products are well-known for their performance in tough applications, where commercial and architectural projects require durable and reliable lighting solutions. One of their stand-out products is certainly their LED strips: not only do they typically offer higher light output than many competitors, but they also provide excellent color consistency.

Nichia Corporation

As LED technology matures and further value addition, LED technology continues to see high growth as it is the only technology that affords efficiencies to enable LED penetration in other application segments and in terms of the market stronghold Nichia Corporation from Japan is well placed to lead the mass adoption. Nichia Nichia recently broke the lighting record with their blue LED, the inventor of that product has also managed to produce super efficient LED strips that actually produce amazing light levels. The Nichia thesecuring the highest standards of the manufacturing process, which ensures their products have the reliability, and performance that few can match.

How to Choose the Right Leading LED Strip Manufacturer & Supplier

Consider the Product Range, Innovations & Reputation While Choosing the Leading LED Strip Manufacturer & Supplier These companies are the cream of the crop as far as LED technology and manufacturing goes. Their cutting-edge stuff in the LED lighting market keeps on pushing the edge and making them the top pick of worldwide customers, not simply products of good quality.

Choosing one of these premier brands ensures that customers are buying LED strip lights that are cost-effective, reliable, and versatile, so they will provide the lighting that is needed in anything from complex indoor locations to harsh exterior conditions the ruggedly can offer.

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