Why Choose FM WhatsApp Over Other Mods?

It gives as a new life to the already existing list of WhatsApp mods, and offer the end-user with some of what they are asking for from the facebook possessed firm. However, here is a more elaborate section of why FM WhatsApp may be a better alternative to the rest of the mods.

Enhanced Privacy Features

Here is one of the main reasons why FM WhatsApp is so popular - The great levels of privacy that come with it, even more so than most mods offer!

Hide your Last Seen from Contacts with FMWhatsApp (ability to hide whatsapp last seen for specific contacts and not overall hiding).

Privacy - Read Receipts: You can disable read receipts for specific contacts (I haven't seen this feature in most other mods)

Increased Customization

FM WhatsApp comes with so many customization options that users can change this app according to their own style and usability.

Browse theme store with 100s of themes that can change the look and feel of your app drastically.

Customizable Fonts and Styles of Chat - Probably you will hardly find such mods, where users can change chat fonts and styles.

Expanded File Exchange Options

FMWhatsApp has the upper hand when it comes to file-sharing features;

Share Big Files : Users can share file up to 700 MB when compared with 100MB limit on official app. Great for distributing good quality videos and big documents.

Up To 50 Images: Who needs a dozen refresher robots when you can send up to 50 images at once compared to the offical 30 image limit.

Security Features

While being a mod, FM WhatsApp comes with various security improvements that make sure your user data will remain secure and protect.

Inbuilt app lock ( Password, PIN and Fingerprint) App lock is inbuilt in FM WhatsApp where you can set a password, pin or fingerprint to your WhatsApp account.

Backup and Restore: One of the problems with mods is their lack of chat backup and restore options, but FM WhatsApp is just like the official app in that it allows users to back up their data.

Regular Updates

Developers update FM WhatsApp regularly to keep up with recent official pattern of OS:

Regular software updates = more security vulnerabilities are fixed, new features are added.

Community and Support

FM WhatsApp boasts huge user community which keeps posting tutorials, tips and tricks along with regular support that is much appreciated by those who are newcomers to using the mod.

If you would like to have a look on the vast features of FM WhatsApp, just go fm whatsapp prohibited a treat. There, you'll find a safe and latest version of FM WhatsApp that promises an improved modded app experience.

FM WhatsApp makes also a perfect user experience due to having more control over privacy, extended customization, better file handling, and robust security. FM WhatsApp is an active community support, and the app updates are a robust alternative too if you want some more out of your messaging app.

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