Are There English-Speaking Jobs in Japan for Non-Degree Holders?

How to Get a Job in Japan

It can be very difficult to find work in Japan as a non degreed English speaker... but not impossible. Japan is a structured labor market that rewards formal education. Nevertheless, there are areas in which skill set and fluency can sometimes compensate for the usual academic qualifications.

English Teacher Vacancies

For those without a degree, teaching English is among the most accessible fields. Most of the language schools, eikaiwa (English conversation schools) there places more emphasise on how much you can stick to that white paper sheet and involve with student for speaking purpose. Smaller schools, and private language institutes will often hire native speakers without a degree or qualification in TEFL - if they do have one this is preferable.

Service and Hospitality Jobs

As more foreigners visit Japan for sightseeing, there are also greater calls for English-speaking employees in the service industry. Jobs available with hotels, travel agencies, or restaurants in bigger cities like Tokyo and tourist areas of Japan such as Kyoto - basically large metropolitan locations. There are also opportunities for non-degree holders to work as tour guides, receptionists or customer representatives... where knowledge of a language is greatly desired.

Retail and Sales Positions

Many retail jobs which aimed at tourists and expatriates were suitable for English speakers. You may find work in traditional Japanese crafts shops, electronics stores in Akihabara or as a clerk at international brand outlet clerks. While the opportunities may not have opportunity for advancement as ones calling for a degree, it will permit immigrants to get jobs that offer stable employment and also earn invaluable experience in Japan work culture.

Freelance and Contract Work

With the gig economy on the rise in Japan, there are growing options for non-degree holders to work independently or as freelancers. Assignable tasks: From translation services, content writing to IT-related jobs In some cases having a high level of English and exceptional technical skills, can supplant the formal qualification requirements.

Challenges and Considerations

Please realize that working in Japan without a degree can be tough. VisasMost likely, the greatest barrier to your employment in Japan will be visa restrictions. The Japanese government requires that practically every Eikaiwa worker have a university degree as part of its conditions for issuing work visas. But people already in Japan into other types of visas (dependent visa, spouse visa etc) may have access to these jobs.

In addition, the labor market can be competitive and individuals without a degree tend to earn less. Preparing for different cultures of work (long hours, hierarchical)

If you are looking for a higher education then some of the good institutions to look at would be Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics .


Although the Japanese job market is generally more open to university degree holders, of course there are jobs in teaching (especially English), tourism and service industries for non-holders. By using their language skills and tapping into industries that do not require an expensive degree prospective job seekers can improve there chances of finding employment in Japan.

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